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All details about GRE Exam

All details about GRE Exam

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GRE Graduate Evaluation Test:

The GRE or Graduate Record Exam is one of the most popular and widely used standardized exams in academia, especially in the USA and other English-speaking countries.

The exam is administered and supervised by the non-profit ETS Academic Foundation, which is the same body that supervises and administers the TOEFL exam around the world.

The objective of the exam, according to the organizer, is to give universities and academic institutions a unified and accurate academic standard for comparison between students and the extent to which each applicant has qualifications, competencies, and personal and scientific readiness to follow the study program he is applying to.

The exam tests students’ critical and analytical skills, academic writing skills, logic, mathematics, and problem-solving skills. In short, it focuses on all the skills that students are expected to develop throughout their years of study.

All details about GRE Exam

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Test takers:

Graduate school graduates and entrepreneurs from around the world who are interested in pursuing an MBA, a specialist masters in business, a Ph.D., or a Ph.D. degree can take the GRE General Test. Applicants come from diverse educational and cultural backgrounds, and a test is provided GRE General Schools is a common procedure for comparing qualifications of candidates, and test scores are used by admissions or associate boards to complete undergraduate transcripts, letters of recommendation and other qualifications for graduate-level study.

Test language:

The test is in English, so if you plan to study in English, it is better for you to prepare for the English test first, and then prepare for the GRE test later.

Registration Terms:

There are no complications or difficult conditions, you have to know that there is no formal prerequisite. The test is intended for BA graduates and undergraduate students who are about to graduate. But it definitely assumes fluency in English.

They are also required to present their original passport as proof of identification at the examination center so candidates are required to have a valid passport before registering for the GRE exam.

After checking the conditions and language, let’s move on to the mechanism of this test:

Test sections:

There are two types of this test:

The first is the objective GRE test, which measures a candidate’s achievements in a specific field. These tests are in the following areas:

  • Biochemistry (cell and molecular biology),
  • Biology,
  • chemistry,
  • literature (english),
  • mathematics,
  • physics,
  • and psychology.

It is taken on a specific date for everyone like the entrance exam. This test is required for specialized courses.

The second is the GRE General Test which features question types that most closely reflect the type of thinking you will practice in graduate and professional school, including business and law. This test consists of 3 sections:

Analytical writing section:

The writing section is the first section in the exam, designed to measure the student’s abilities to present and present ideas in a logical, sequential, clear and understandable manner that achieves the intended purpose.

This section consists of two main tasks. The first is an analysis of a topic, which includes a question of opinion on the topic and asks you to provide a rationale for that opinion. As for the second question, it is an analysis of an argumentative topic, and it asks you to analyze this argument in a specific way and style that is clarified in the question.

Each of the two tasks is allocated 30 minutes, meaning the time allocated to the writing section of the exam is 60 minutes, a full hour. And the answer to each of them in the form of an article.

Language section:

This section is designed to measure comprehension, comprehension, linking, and conclusion skills. It includes questions such as sentence completion, comprehension questions, and other questions related to association, analogy, and analogy.

The section includes 40 questions that must be answered in 60 minutes if you are taking a computer-delivered exam. As for the paper version of the exam, which is available in some countries with poor internet connection or no internet connection, it includes 50 questions for 70 minutes.

All details about GRE Exam

Mathematics department:

The third and final section of the GRE exam is Mathematics. The questions in this section require good skills from the student in arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data analysis.

The computer-based version consists of 40 questions of 70 minutes. The paper version of the exam contains 50 questions distributed over 80 minutes.

As for the questions, they focus mainly on quantitative comparisons and relationships between them, and questions to measure the student’s problem-solving skills and are often multiple-choice.

Exam mark:

The test score is divided for each section separately, as it is allocated to:

Analytical Writing Section: The student gets a grade from 0 to 6.

Linguistic section: The mark is between 130 and 170.

Mathematics section: This section is also between 130 and 170.

The exam organizer sends the student’s score to the university or academic institution he intends to attend at his request, and he can choose the score he wants to send if he does not want to send the results of the three sections. There is no pass or fail in the exam, but the result you get shows how much skills you have in the aspects in which the exam is tested.

Test duration:

The total duration of the exam is 3 hours and 10 minutes for the computer version, and the paper version lasts up to 3 and a half hours.

How to prepare:

Preparing for the exam may take some time, depending on your previous experience in the aspects that make up the exam that we have just known about. As for the sources you rely on, there are a number of options:

  •  Prepare for the GRE® General Test: a variety of free and low-cost tools to help you prepare for the GRE® General Test so you can feel more confident on test day. To learn more about the GRE General Test and test preparation tools directly from a GRE expert,
  • Register for a free online tutorial. The Official Guide to the GRERevised General Test, 2nd Edition (GRE: The Official Guide to the General Test): an official guide from ETS, the exam organizer, with reliable exercises and exercises that keep you well-informed in quality and style. The questions you will face.
  • Cracking the GRE with 4 Practice Tests, 2020 Edition: get all the preparation you need for a perfect GRE score with 4 full practice exams, comprehensive verbal and math subject reviews, and additional online practice.
  • Barron’s GRE, 21st Edition: This newly revised and updated guide provides an overview of the GRE exam, tips on taking the exam, and a timetable for the typical computer-based exam.
  • There are other sources that you may find in the form of training courses and courses, whether on the ground provided by different educational centers or online courses.

Registration method:

Now that we know the necessary conditions and information, as well as the resources that help you prepare well, learn how you can register for the test:

You can register in several ways:

Online – by phone – by mail – by fax.

Test validity period

The validity period of the test is 5 years from the date of taking the test, as the result remains valid and you are not required to take the exam during this period.

Test cost:

The standard choice GRE General Test costs $205 in most parts of the world, but in some countries it may be more than that, for example in Turkey the cost is up to $255, and in Australia and China it is up to $230.

The custom GRE Subject Test costs $150 worldwide.

This test gives you an opportunity to start a new stage for the better, so, if you are one of the people who aspire to what is beyond the limits, start now with the steps of this test, and go towards new horizons, exceed your limits, and prepare now!

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