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Cheapest Universities to Study in France

Cheapest Universities to Study in France

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Studying in France is one of the great destinations for international students, as it is rich in experiences that a student may have after completing high school. In addition to the distinguished scientific level, students find an opportunity to learn about French civilization, and enjoy the French cultural scene, which is rich in arts, music, culinary arts and different and interesting ways of life at the same time.

Studying in France is no longer limited to studying in the French language only, but in order to open up and attract students from all over the world, French universities have made many of their study programs available in English. Hence, in this article, we will shed light on the experience of studying in France, in terms of the advantages of this experience and the best French universities that you can attend during this important stage of your life.

The education system in France is known as the best and the best in Europe. Several universities in the country have been repeatedly ranked among the top universities. It is clear that to count it among the most prestigious universities, it will also cost high. But fortunately, there are universities in France that have low tuition fees for international students as well. Here we will discuss the cheapest universities in France for international students.

Cheapest Universities to Study in France

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The most important advantages of studying in France:

French universities are distinguished by the quality of education and the availability of the best and latest modern scientific technologies to study a bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate in one of the prestigious universities located in the country of France.

France is one of the very distinguished, highly developed countries that contain a rich history of arts and literature, and different cultures. It is distinguished in these areas greatly in literary and other medical and engineering disciplines.
France is a tourist country that attracts various students from all over the world, in addition to the climate that is not as harsh as the European climate.

You can study the field or specialization you desire in both French or English within universities.
It is possible to get some free scholarships, whether comprehensive or partial, from the French government with the completion of studies at one of its universities.

France occupies a global ranking among the best international universities in the quality of education in its various stages, with the presence of intensive training programs that burden the student’s experiences, in addition to obtaining a certificate recognized in many countries around the Arab and European countries.

Cheapest Universities in France:

Many universities in France offer very affordable tuition fees which is a plus for prospective students. Therefore, it is one of the most important reasons to study in France. Let us now find the most affordable universities for you:

University of Strasbourg:

The University of Strasbourg is a public institution of higher education in France. The University of Strasbourg welcomes a large number of international students from all over the world. The university is famous for research in the natural sciences and has been at the forefront along with its 72 research units. It is included in the list of low-cost universities in France for international students. The tuition fee for Bachelor’s degree programs is around 184€/academic year and for Masters degrees is around 256€/academic year.

Ecole Centrale de Lyon:

The École Centrale de Lyon has been the institute that has produced many international leaders, specialists and engineers. She has 150 years of experience providing education, particularly in engineering. It is calculated in cheap schools in France for international students. The tuition fee of the institute is around 2,513 Euros per year. The history and experience of the university is the reason for its continued existence, so if you want to have a rich historical experience, enroll in this university.

Sciences Po:

Sciences Po particularly advances in its international reach with nearly half of its total students being international students. It is counted among the cheapest French universities for international students when compared to other private universities. The tuition fee is about 10,700 Euros per year for Bachelor’s programs and 14,700 Euros per year for Masters programs. The university also provides financial aid to one in four enrolled students, including international students.

Paris School of Business:

Paris Business School (PSB) is one of the most prestigious business schools in the world. The institute offers a comprehensive learning environment for students. She is known for her academic excellence, international awareness and professional expertise. Paris Business School is the cheapest university in Paris. The university fee for international students is around €9,950 per year.

University of Orleans:

The University of Orleans is multidisciplinary with 3 megafaculties, 4 university institutes of technology and 1 engineering school. The university’s international focus is constantly growing more stable and stronger. Tuition fees can cost you around 11,967 euros for a bachelor’s program and 11,536 euros for a master’s program. Besides the affordable university in France, research has been the main attraction for international students.

École Polytechnique:

École Polytechnique is one of the cheapest universities in Paris for international students. It is a public institution of higher education in the country. It is the leading institution that brings together the highest level of research, academics and innovation. The range of academic programs includes bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs. Tuition fees for international students can cost around 33,000 euros for the entire degree.

Nantes University:

If we talk about the cheapest university in France, how can we forget the University of Nantes? It is one of the best public universities in Nantes, France. The university is ranked 801-1000 in the world according to the QS World Rankings 2021. 90% of the university’s graduates find permanent jobs. Here a bachelor’s program can cost about 184 euros per year and 256 euros for a master’s program.

Cheapest Universities to Study in France

Montpellier University:

The University of Montpellier is one of the most affordable universities in France and has enrolled over 50,000 students, including international students. Being an international university it is a research intensive university. The university tuition fee ranges from 180€ to 700€ depending on the Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate degrees in education.

France is a good choice for international students who are looking for quality education at an affordable price. We hope you got a good list of the cheapest French universities for international students. In addition, you can also find ways to fund your education through grants and awards.

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