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Comprehensive guide to study medicine in Russia

Comprehensive guide to study medicine in Russia

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Medical education in Russia lasts for six years and, as a rule, is a separate form of the educational system specialist program. The exceptions are the “Dentistry” and “Pharmacy” specializations, where the duration of study is five years, while the “Nursing” specialization is four years.

To become a general medical practitioner in Russia it is necessary to complete a general medicine program and have a basic medical education. And if you want to master a particular specialty for example in ophthalmology or nephrology, after studying in one of the specialist program you will need to complete a medical internship and residency as well. Depending on the major, studies may last from 2 to 4 years.

For example, to become a surgeon, it will take 8-9 years. In order for a graduated doctor to be able to practice medicine in his country, foreign graduates from Russian universities need to go through the procedure of certification and recognition of their diploma in their own country or in any other country.

Certification is not required if there is an agreement on mutual recognition of diplomas between Russia and the graduate’s country. After completing the basic program, students in Russia go through several further stages of post-specialization: the period of specialization in medicine, clinical residency or targeted residency.

Comprehensive guide to study medicine in Russia

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There are many advantages to studying medicine in Russia, let’s get acquainted with them:

1- Low Tuition Fees and Reasonable Cost of Living:

Tuition fees range from $2800 to $4300 annually, which is low compared to some private Arab universities. The cost of living in Russia is also quite affordable, ranging from $150 to $300 per month.

2- The grand total in high school is not a condition for admission:

You can study medicine in Russia with a GPA of at least 50%, and have a score of at least 45% in physics, chemistry and biology (some universities require 60-65%).

3- Quality of education:

In the top 10 recognized medical universities in Russia, class numbers range from 12-15 students or even less. Therefore, each student can get the focus and attention from the professors and professors of the department.

4- Quality of Living and Distinguished Infrastructure:

Whether you live inside or outside the dormitory, the accommodation is equipped with basic amenities, from furniture, hot water and Wi-Fi, and the accommodation is centrally heated.

In addition, medical universities in Russia have modern hospital equipment and world-class infrastructure. In general, Russian universities match many Western universities in terms of academic facilities.

5- Many things you can gain from studying in Russia, such as:

Study in an international, multicultural environment, where you can learn Russian.

You can get funding to cover your study expenses and easily adapt to studying in Russia as you will eventually get a globally recognized degree.

According to the Association of American Medical Colleges, the demand to study medicine has increased after the Corona pandemic, knowing that the demand for studying medicine is high in itself. And in case you want to study medicine abroad, Russia is home to some of the best medical universities in the world.

Russia has a group of the best medical universities recognized internationally by the World Health Organization (WHO). Also, you can study in English, as it has great infrastructure, high quality of education and most importantly affordable prices compared to other European countries.

In light of the high minimum admission to medical colleges in the Arab region, many Arab youth want to study medicine in Russia, because its universities do not require a certain high school score, to study in its universities.

Recognized Universities for Studying Medicine in Russia:

1.Lomonosov Moscow State University:

Lomonosov Moscow State University is the best medical university in Russia according to the (QS) and (THE) rankings. The medical school opened in 1992. Its curriculum focuses specifically on the natural sciences and biology, but also features some subjects in Russian history, history of medicine, ethics, and philosophy.

You can choose from 12 different departments, and you will also have the opportunity to conduct research in Moscow clinics and laboratories. Moreover, Lomonosov Moscow State University has partnerships with hospitals, government research units, academies, etc. and also provides an opportunity to study abroad for outstanding students.

In order to gain admission, you must pass an exam for chemistry and the Russian language.

Comprehensive guide to study medicine in Russia

2.Sechenov University:

Sechenov State Medical University is the oldest medical university in Russia and is the cradle of most medical schools and scientific societies in Russia. The university was founded in 1758, and is located in the Russian capital, Moscow. In addition to the College of Medicine, it includes the Colleges of Dentistry and Pharmacy.

Speaking of the College of Medicine, its curricula mainly focus on the natural sciences, mathematics and biology, and includes diverse departments, amounting to 48 different departments.

From these departments, obstetrics and gynecology, internal medicine, oncology, psychiatry, general surgery, ophthalmology, pediatrics, sports medicine, and others, this diversity will help you easily choose which specialties you would like to study.

As for the admission requirements, all students with a matriculation certificate are eligible to apply to Sechenov University, and there are no specific scores for admission to any program. The duration of the study is 6 years, and you can study in English at a cost of 11,800 dollars per year, or 9,600 dollars per year, if you want to study in Russian.

3.Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University:

Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University is one of the oldest medical universities in Russia. In 2016, the university celebrated its 110th anniversary.

The university includes a complex of educational, scientific and medical departments and centers, and offers undergraduate, masters and doctoral programs in clinical medicine, biomedicine, psychiatry and pharmacy.

Pirogov University offers 115 academic programs, in 8 different faculties. The university focuses its programs on the natural, human and medical sciences in more than 250 subjects, and it is worth noting that Pirogov University actively participates in research and development of clinical practices.

If you plan to study in English, just pass the Chemistry and Biology exam. You can also apply to study in Russian, in which case you will also need to pass a Russian language test as part of the application and admission process.

From universities to study medicine in Russia we also mention:

  • Pavlov University
  • Saint Petersburg State University.
  • Novosibirsk State University.
  • Tomsk State University.
  • Kazan Federal University.
  • Russian University of Peoples’ Friendship.
  • Belgorod National Research University.

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