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Free EF SET English Test & Certification

Free EF SET English Test & Certification

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EF initially set out to develop a free assessment tool for adults (16+ years old) that could assess in the four language sections: listening, reading, writing and speaking.

The EF SET is a standardized objective test of listening and reading skills that is designed to rate the reading and listening performance of test takers at one of 6 levels established by the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), a set of common guidelines that define the competencies expected of language learners.

Free EF SET English Test & Certification

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Establishing EF SET :

In the early 1990s, a young Swedish man named Mertil Holt traveled to England for the first time. Since he had difficulty reading, school was a challenge for him. But he was surprised by the ease with which he learned English in England.

Bertil has come to believe that traditional classroom instruction is not always the most effective method. In 1965, he decided to set up a small company called Europeiska Ferieskolan (European Holiday School – abbreviated EF) that combined language learning with travel abroad. The program is called Språkresor or Language Travel. This program was one of the world’s first hands-on and out-of-the-classroom learning experiences.

Today, experiential learning is the basis of modern education. EF has followed this philosophy in every program it has launched over the course of fifty years.

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At the age of four, Bertil Holt created Language Travel as the world’s first experiential learning program. He opened a company called Europeiska Ferieskolan, which was soon shortened to EF. This company has taken on the task of accompanying 407 Swedish high school students to the UK to learn English during the summer vacation.

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EF’s Language Travel program quickly spread throughout Sweden and Scandinavia. In addition to teaching English in England, EF launched the German language program in Germany and the French language in France.

EF opens EF Institute in Hastings, England, to teach intensive Business English courses abroad to Swedish professionals. Soon, the EF Institute opened branches in the United States of America, Germany and Spain. Subsequently, the name of the program was changed to EF Corporate Solutions.

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Levels in EF SET:

CEFR, the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, is one of several frameworks that describe your language proficiency. There are several frameworks with similar goals including the American Council on Teaching Foreign Language Proficiency (ACTFL), the Canadian Language Standards (CLB), and the Interagency Roundtable Scale (ILR).

While the CEFR is a European standard and is specifically designed for application to any European language, it is now a global standard framework for language abilities, especially European languages, including English. The CEFR is not linked to any specific language test – most standardized language tests now provide CEFR level equivalents.

EF SET has been designed to align with the full CEFR spectrum from the start. The CEFR defines six levels of foreign language proficiency, and the EF SET is aligned as such:

  • A1 Beginner
    EF SET: 1-30
  • A2 Elementary
    EF SET: 31-40
  • B1 intermediate
    EF SET: 41-50
  • B2 Upper intermediate
    EF SET: 51-60
  • C1 Advanced
    EF SET: 61-70
  • C2 Proficient
    EF SET: 71-100

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Free EF SET English Test & Certification

EF test:

When you take an English test, you get a score. Oftentimes you will also get some indication of what this score means, expressed in English level or designation, eg “beginner” or “advanced”.

There are many different English placement systems in use around the world, and a greater variety of English language tests, which have implicit or explicit leveling systems built into their scores. Some English placement schemes are included in a specific English test, while others are theoretical frameworks without any associated test.

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Get a certificate:

You can get a free customized English language certificate online when you take a 50 minute English test. You can easily add it to your resume or LinkedIn profile.

Certification helps you differentiate yourself from other applicants and increases your profile or resume. In fact, LinkedIn has confirmed that you can boost your profile views up to 6 times by adding your certified skills

After completing the 50-minute EF SET, you will receive a Personal Certificate in English.

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