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Fully Funded Scholarships in Malta

Fully Funded Scholarships in Malta

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Malta, officially known as the Republic of Malta (Maltese: Repubblika ta ‘Malta [rɛˈpʊbːlɪkɐ tɐ) ˈmɐltɐ]) and formerly Melita, is an island country in Southern Europe consisting of an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. It is located 80 km (50 mi) south of Italy, 284 km (176 mi) east of Tunisia, and 333 km (207 mi) north of Libya.

With a population of about 515,000 over an area of ​​316 km2 (122 sq mi), it is the tenth smallest country in the world by area and the fourth most densely populated sovereign state. Its capital is Valletta, which is the smallest national capital in the European Union by area at 0.61 square kilometers (0.24 sq mi).

The official and national language is Maltese, which is descended from Sicilian Arabic that developed during the Principality of Sicily, while English is the second official language. Italian and Sicilian have also previously served as official and cultural languages ​​on the island for centuries, with Italian being an official language in Malta until 1934 and most of the present-day Maltese speak at least Italian.

Malta has been inhabited since about 5900 BC. Its location in the middle of the Mediterranean has historically given it great strategic importance as a naval base, with a series of powers contesting and ruling the islands, including the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Greeks, Arabs, Normans, and Aragonese. , the Knights of Saint John, the French and the British, among others. Most of these foreign influences left some kind of mark on the ancient culture of the country.

The British Parliament passed the Malta Independence Act in 1964, which granted Malta independence from the United Kingdom as the nation of Malta, with Queen Elizabeth II. The country became a republic in 1974, a member state of the Commonwealth and the United Nations since independence, and joined the European Union in 2004; It became part of the eurozone monetary union in 2008.

Malta has Christians since the time of early Christianity, although it was predominantly Muslim while under Arab rule, at that time Christians were tolerated. Islamic rule ended with the Normandy conquest of Malta by Roger I in 1091. Today, Catholicism is the state religion, but Malta’s constitution guarantees freedom of conscience and religious worship.

Malta is a tourist destination with its warm climate, many recreational areas, and architectural and historical monuments.

Fully Funded Scholarships in Malta

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1. University of Malta Scholarships:

The University of Malta is a higher education institution in Malta. The university offers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees upon graduation. It is a member of the European Universities Association, European Access Network, Association of Commonwealth Universities, Utrecht Network, Santander Network, Compostela Group, European Association for University Lifelong Learning (EUCEN) and International Student Exchange Program (ISEP).

The University of Malta is currently offering Masters by Research and Ph.D. Scholarships. Eligible students receive a 100% fee waiver.

The University of Malta is the oldest modern university in Malta. The University of Malta offers students a rich and diverse curriculum and is the oldest university in the world outside Britain.

The Official Website of the Scholarship.

2. Malta Arts Scholarship Program:

This scholarship is provided by the Government of Malta. It is for an undergraduate degree, first class, second class, joint degree or postgraduate qualification. Tuition fees are awarded up to €20,000 depending on the qualification.

Art is the pulse and soul of a vibrant, progressive nation. An active, growing and sustainable arts community, which includes all forms of art and delivers quality results, will maintain the most demanding entertainment industry and is vital to ensuring the future cultural, social, intellectual and economic well-being of Malta while at the same time preserving and promoting our vast artistic and cultural heritage spanning thousands of years.

The Malta Arts Scholarship Program aims to provide more opportunities to support exceptionally talented individuals in creating and/or promoting professionals in the expressive arts. Priority is given to theatre, music, dance, design, creative writing, film, visual arts, or any combination thereof.

The Official Website of the Scholarship.

3. Endeavor Scholarship Program:

Endeavor is another scholarship offered by the Government of Malta. The scholarship is given to students in various disciplines including education, finance, health, humanities, arts, etc.

The ENDEAVOR Scholarship Program aims to support quality higher education, ensure that the Maltese labor market is equipped with the right individuals and ensure that it is in a better position to compete at the international level. The program aims to support those who seek to achieve this step to succeed at the level of educational attainment as well as contribute effectively to the economy.

Postgraduate education forms an increasingly important part of a country’s economic and social agenda. They provide an essential component of continuing professional development for many people.

The Official Website of the Scholarship.

Universities in Malta:

Fully Funded Scholarships in Malta

As a financial, cultural, and tourism hub, Malta’s location in Europe makes it an easy choice for students looking for a truly global experience. The influx of different cultures continues to change this traditional country as it embraces the modern era.

Studying in Malta also comes with some great perks. Malta is one of the sunniest countries in the world with more than 300 sunny days annually. And because the three islands of Malta are so small, you can really discover the entire country if you stick to studying and exploring!

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