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How to get a visa to study in France

How to get a visa to study in France

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France! The most preferred study destination nowadays for most students. Studying in France is becoming more and more popular nowadays with more and more international students enrolled each year in different courses at different universities in France.

The French education system gives different titles when it comes to French universities that study. However, it is equivalent to the more popular international titles for higher education degrees, such as Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate.

If higher education in France compared to international titles, then the bachelor’s degree in the French education system is called the profession of licensing and licensing, then a master’s degree is obtained, and the doctorate is equivalent to an international doctorate or doctorate.

For a Bachelor’s degree, there are usually 6 semesters, and there are 4 additional semesters for a Master’s degree.

There are 3 types of visas, such as Schengen Student Visa, Placement Test Entry Visa and Long Stay Visa, depending on your purpose i.e. whether you are going to visit, pursue higher education or work.

How to get a visa to study in France

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France Schengen visa:

Also known as a temporary student visa in France. If you want to go for a maximum of 3 months, you will have to get this visa, i.e. students taking courses of less than 3 months duration. They are not renewable visas. Before applying for a France Schengen visa, keep in mind that they are not renewable visas

Student visa in France to sit for the placement test:

If you need to go to France with a specific end goal to sit for entrance exams in any college, you can get this type of visa. If you are selected, you can apply for a one-year residence permit which is renewable.

France Temporary Long Stay Visa:

For courses longer than three months and less than six months, the candidate will have to apply for a Temporary Long Stay Visa (Temporary Long Stay Visa for Studies). There will be no separate residence permit on this visa. The temporary long-stay student visa in France is not renewable.

France Long Stay Visa:

This is the longest stay visa. If you want to go for more than 6 months, you can apply for this type of visa. It includes the residence permit in addition to the study period.

You may have come across this word Campus France and it is an organization that helps students who want to go to France. It operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. It also helps French students who want to go to other countries to pursue higher education. It is basically a starting point where every student has to go through a certain process like registration process, take interview appointment in the campus in France details about scholarships information in France, application procedure, give details about different faculties, interview procedure etc.

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Documents required to get a student visa in France:

  • You must fill in the France visa application form after downloading it from the Campus France website and take a hard copy of the form.
  • Two photos, the photo must be an international ID design, current full face capture with a light undertone.
  • The passport has at least 2 blank pages which is valid for at least 3 months after the return date and copies of your previous visas are required.
  • They also require Xerox to book return tickets and confirm travel visa insurance of at least €30,000 within France and the entire Schengen area.
  • Health/medical insurance with a minimum of €30,000
  • There is also a requirement for a cover letter stating the reason for the visit to France and the agenda, and confirmation of the suitability of your stay in France.
  • Your status like marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc.
  • Evidence of sufficient money relevant to the means for the remaining period. According to the European Commission, you should be able to present a certificate to the French embassy or consulate that has a cash scale of 120 euros per day if you do not have any proof of your place of residence. And if you have proof of your residence, this amount will be reduced to 65€/day.

How to apply for a student visa:

  • Depending on which country you are from, you will have to apply for a student visa through Campus France, they will apply through Etudes en France.
  • One will have to create an account at Campus France and book an appointment. Students will also pay the visa application fee and upload visa documents.
  • The student must appear for an interview at his or her nearest residence in France. The questions are closely related to your decision to study in France.
  • Campus France will forward your application to the institute of your choice and the French Consulate. You will get back from them in a given time schedule. If the university is not listed on Campus France, you will have to apply to that university directly.
  • The visa interview is conducted at the time of application. Biometrics (photos and fingerprints) are also required for some countries.
  • With a VLS-TS (Long Stay Student Visa), students can apply online at Campus France for a residence permit. These are only valid for one year and must be renewed thereafter.

For countries where Campus France is located, students can apply to universities in France through it. For other countries, there must be a separate application for a university visa and a student visa in France. According to the following steps:

  • Log in and create an account on the official France visa website.

Fill out the France visa application form. The form will ask for details such as your domicile/is the long-term or short-term residence/what is the purpose of the residence in France.

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How to get a visa to study in France

Based on all this information, the site will tell you whether you need a visa to France or not.

  • The next step will be for your personal information.
  • After filling in your personal data, you will be asked if you have stayed in France for more than three consecutive months before.
  • The next step is to announce how long you plan to stay in France and contact your place of residence where you will be staying in France.
  • After the last step, you will get a list of the documents required to complete the visa process, as well as proofs of residency and financing.
  • Application Fee: France Visa Fee to be paid: 99€ (approximately INR 8,432)

With the printed application and the required documents, you must visit one of the French Consulates in Mumbai, Delhi, Puducherry, Kolkata or Bengaluru.

  • The France visa appointment can be taken at the French consulate three months before the date of departure.

France Student Visa Interview Questions:

When you apply for a student visa, at the VFS Visa Center one may or may not be asked these questions as standard procedure. Here are some questions that may be asked during the interview:

  1. What is your name?
  2. Your educational qualification?
  3. Why do you want to go to France?
  4. What institute, school or college will you study?
  5. Why this school?
  6. What are the topics?
  7. How does it help you in your career?
  8. What course will you study?
  9. How did you find the name of the school? How did you know about the institute?

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Visa processing time:

The regular France visa processing for a student visa takes three weeks. So keep in mind the application timelines and visa process in France.

Visa Work Permit:

With a French long-stay student visa, students are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week during their studies. On summer breaks and other semester holidays, students are allowed to work full-time jobs. Working while studying is one of the most important ways for international students to finance their studies abroad. It not only helps them communicate for their future jobs but also helps them pay their tuition fees and living costs when they attend the courses.

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