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How to write the CV

How to write the CV

Tarek Floyd

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When it comes to getting a job, writing a CV is one of the most important steps for that. Either the person writes it correctly to get an interview as soon as possible, or he writes it in the wrong way, and he often gets rejected.

A resume is a person’s marketing tool in the field of employment.

Through it, the employer can see if the applicant for the job deserves to get it without anyone else.

All companies are looking for someone who fits the job, not a job that fits the person.

How to write the CV

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Curriculum Vita or Resume:

A sheet or files that include details of the employment, education, skills, qualifications and abilities of the person applying for employment,

It is submitted to a company to obtain a specific job, and it is the primary and only information that the employer can obtain about the person.

Rules to follow when writing a CV:

Whatever style or format a person uses in writing his CV,
There are some rules that he must follow to get a strong and correct CV, and these are the most important rules:

CV length:

The CV should not exceed 3 pages, and it is preferable to print it on good quality paper.

Personal data:

The name and address are written on the first page, and any other personal data the location of which depends on the person’s wishes.

Job titles:

Job titles should be clear and unambiguous.

It is advised to stay away from some things in the CV, including:

  • Mention health status, height and weight.
  • Mention the last salary or expected salary in the resume.
  • Over-decorating your resume.
  • State the reason for leaving the previous job.
  • Mention excessive personal details.
  • Mention religious or political beliefs.
  • Put pictures in your resume.
  • Mention short terms.

Working dates:

In most cases, it is sufficient to include the year, it is possible to add the months, and any period of absence from work must be explained in the CV.

Employment History:

The applicant must show the achievements and benefits of each work, and highlight his strengths.

Date of birth:

The day, month and year are given, and the age is indicated in order to save the time of the reader.


Write the highest education certificates and those most suitable for employment, with the dates and educational institutions that awarded the certificates.


The person must be clear in his linguistic level in writing and speaking.

Interests and Hobbies:

Such as physical and intellectual interests, group and individual, and the balance between them.

Social status:

Some prefer to put it on the CV, others leave it for the interview.

Main sections of CV:

Even if CV writing is flexible,
There must be major sections in it, which all employers expect to see in any resume they receive, and these are the most important main sections:

1.Name and contact details:

Contact details such as phone number and e-mail address are placed at the top of the CV, and the name is placed as the title instead of the word “resume” to reduce space.

2.Profile personally:

It is a short personal statement in which you answer short questions such as:
Who are you? And what can you offer the company? And what are your professional goals? The personal file is recently considered one of the most important sections that can be included in the CV to give it a short glimpse of the person for employers.


Here, any training or work experiences are specified, they are listed in chronological order, newest and oldest, because the employer cares more about the last work than the previous one.

All jobs are listed with dates. He also writes the name of the employer and the job title on each job the person has occupied.

The person must also write each major job and any major achievement in bold to make it easier for the employer to determine the experience closest to the job.

4.Education and qualifications:

Education certificates are listed from newest to oldest, with the educational institutions awarding them and the dates of issuance.


A person should be careful to add hobbies that do not diminish the importance of his resume, but rather hobbies that help him accomplish tasks.

He can also add his hobbies if he feels that his CV is insufficient or few, and then add it at the end of the CV in a special section for it.

How to write the CV

CV format:

A person must correctly format his resume to help him obtain the job, as follows:

  • To write an easy-to-read and well-organized resume.
  • To choose a harmonious and consistent format for his CV.
  • Put the words that he wants to draw the reader’s attention in darker or italics.
  • In all the sections that need a chronological account, the person has to mention them starting from the most recent to the oldest.
  • Put the most important information at the top of the resume.
  • To put the names of education certificates, institutions and workplaces to the left of the CV, and the dates to the right (if the CV is written in English).
  • To footer pages.
  • Not forgetting to check the grammar and spelling of words in the CV, and review it at least twice.
  • Maintain the appropriate length of the CV. The length of the CV depends on the person’s achievements, but it usually does not exceed 3 pages.
  • To save the CV in Word or PDF format. When writing, use a font of at least 10 pt, and not embellish the resume to the point of distracting the reader from the main objective.

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