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MBA in France without GMAT

MBA in France without GMAT

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The higher education system in France is considered one of the best in the world. The main advantages are the high quality of education, reasonable tuition fees, and a pleasant French lifestyle. The decision to study in France can be the best decision of your life.

Master of Business Administration, is a program that is pursued after graduation. The MBA is one of the popular options for graduate students in France and across Europe.

Besides, many international students also dream of studying MBA in France. You can now study an MBA in France without submitting your GMAT scores. This is the guide to help you study in France without the GMAT test.

MBA in France without GMAT

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MBA in France for International Students:

An MBA in France provides international students with opportunities to suit a wide range of academic and professional goals.

Some of the main attractions for international students to pursue an MBA in France are:

  • competitive approach
  • Reputable institutes and universities provide an opportunity to settle in France/Europe
  • An opportunity to experience the culture and lifestyle
  • Experienced faculty members
  • Excellent infrastructure

Is the GMAT required for an MBA in France?

Currently, GMAT is required by many MBA universities to grant admission. But the good news is that there are many other universities that give admission to MBA students without the GMAT.

Students who are unable to achieve a good GMAT score and do not need to retake the test can try their luck in MBA in France without the GMAT as well. However, these business schools will focus more on the overall evaluation of candidates. These schools give preferences for CGPA, essays/statement of purpose, syllabus, letter of recommendation, international experience, work experience gained etc.

Requirements for business schools offering MBAs in France without a GMAT score:

Work Experience: Work experience is an important requirement for admission to business schools that offer MBAs without a GMAT score. Typically, business schools require 2-5 years of experience to obtain an MBA degree and aspirants who want to be accepted into an Executive MBA must have 8-12 years of work experience.

Curriculum Vitae:

A CV containing all details of professional experience is mandatory for admission to the course.

Recommendation letters:

Business schools require a minimum of 2-3 reference letters from previous employers to verify a candidate’s potential. Letters of recommendation are necessary to gain admission to business schools, which do not require GMAT scores as they assess the potential of aspirants

The cost of studying an MBA in France:

MBA is a bit more expensive due to the high demand for it in the market. However, when we talk about the universities that offer MBAs in France, the costs are more reasonable compared to those in the USA, UK and other countries in Europe. When we talk about the top 10 ranked universities to study MBA in France, Grenoble Business School is the least expensive.

The cost of MBA in Grenoble is only 15,000 euros, however, the average MBA costs in France for the best French business universities are around 40,000 euros. Program fees vary from school to school. The best universities to get an MBA in France cost more than other universities in France because of their high ranking. Tuition fees depend on the following factors – type of university (public, private, aid, etc.) stature and rankings of the college College location College scholarship status (if applicable).

MBA in France without GMAT

One-year Business Administration Study Program in France:

There are many one-year MBA programs in France. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • MIP Politecnico di Milano School of Management
  • ISM International School of Management
  • ESCP Business School
  • ESSEC Business School
  • IESEG School of Management
  • Schiller International University – Florida, Heidelberg, Madrid, Paris
  • ESLSCA Business Administration
  • IPAG Business School
  • Wheeler International Business School
  • ESP School of Communication and Marketing

Seizing the opportunity of obtaining an MBA in France without GMAT, one can build a professional future for those who do not wish to take the GMAT or do not have time to take the GMAT. Students can also pursue a one-year MBA program in France to advance their career. France can prove to be an ideal destination for international students who want to pursue an MBA.

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