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Motivation letter and tips for writing a unique Motivation Letter

Motivation letter and tips for writing a unique Motivation Letter

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Having a strong CV, or an outstanding academic background is not enough alone to get that scholarship you aspire to,

It should support your skills and experience with a unique motivational message as well. This letter is what makes you different from the rest of the applicants and its content is what will interest the jury and arouse their interest in your application.

Motivation letter and tips for writing a unique Motivation Letter

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Tips for writing a motivation letter:

In this article we’re going to show you how to write a motivation letter and what should you avoid to make a good one.

1- Know more about the university or the organization you are applying to:

Always and never before writing any formal letter, whether it is a cover letter, a motivation letter or others, you should first familiarize yourself with the institution to which you are applying,

Read about the university or institute you would like to attend and form a general idea of ​​its goal and vision, and then try to include some of this information in your letter in an appropriate manner.

2- Write it yourself:

Don’t ask someone else to write you your motivation letter, it’s useless, because this letter should reflect your own personality and style.

You should also modify the letter to suit the opportunity you are presenting to it, as you should not write a single letter that you send after that to all the universities and institutions you are applying to.

3- Use a direct and concise approach::

The Motivation Letter, as mentioned above, aims to express the motivation behind your application for a scholarship or opportunity,
Therefore, it is important that this idea be conveyed to the reader of the message easily and without twisting or turning. Avoid using long, complex sentences or difficult, unintelligible structures.

Or even exaggerated artistic images. Be direct and brief. The person responsible for reading your message will read hundreds of others, and he won’t have much time and skin to read between the lines

4- Focus on your strengths:

Your main purpose of the motivation letter is to get the person responsible for the opportunity you are presenting to invite you for an interview that will prepare you for the next stage,
So focus on your strengths to impress the reader of the letter. Make sure to write it on the first lines.
As for weaknesses, they will be covered during the interview by the questions you will be asked.

5- Don’t copy your resume into your motivation letter:

Many fall into this trap, where, instead of trying to present an interesting picture of themselves in their motivation letter,
They simply copy everything on their resume, and
It is correct that an additional value should be given to the CV by clarifying some of the points contained in the CV and talking about new things that were not previously mentioned.
Always know that a resume and a cover letter are two documents that complement each other and should not be completely opposite or the same.

6- Balance your message:

It is true that you have to present yourself in the best way in the motivation letter in order to convince the reader of the letter that you are the most suitable person for the opportunity you are presented with.
But at the same time, be careful not to appear arrogant and arrogant.
At the same time, do not appear insecure and do not underestimate yourself.
Try to create a balance that expresses your skills and capabilities, but with humility.

7-Express your motivation:

If you see this scholarship, volunteer opportunity, or internship as your ideal, express it,

Explain to the letter reader why you think you are the best candidate, and that this opportunity is right for you. Take a look at the benefits of your scholarship or training and talk about how those features match your skills and experience.

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8- Support your message with evidence and evidence:

Instead of using rigid phrases to express your skills and experience,
Make sure that you provide evidence and evidence that proves what you are saying.
For example, mentioning how your leadership abilities contributed to the success of the graduation project at your university,
Or the impact of your volunteer work on improving your community…etc.
And if you can’t,
At least explain why you think you have certain skills.
If you consider yourself someone who cares about time and order, give examples that support your point of view.

Motivation letter and tips for writing a unique Motivation Letter

9- Talk about your future career:

Do not hesitate to put yourself in the future and talk about your ambitions and professional and academic goals that you seek to achieve,
Explain how the opportunity you present will help you reach your goal.

10- Avoid mistakes:

This order applies to all official documents and correspondence,
It must always be read and ensured that it is free of errors in any form (spelling, grammatical, linguistic…etc) before sending it.
In this case, you can use the audit programs and sites scattered on the Internet, or show the message to one of your acquaintances to read it before you send it.

Give yourself plenty of time to complete your motivation letter as the previous steps.

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