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Scholarships in Switzerland Without IELTS |Fully Funded

Fully Funded Scholarships Without IELTS in Switzerland

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Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. It is famous for high standard education and ground-breaking research. For these reasons, Swiss MBAs and PhD programs are renowned and appreciated worldwide. As a European business hub, young adults not only dream of studying here, but they also consider pursuing a career in Switzerland after finishing their studies.

The first university in Switzerland was founded in 1460 in Basel, with a faculty of medicine. This place has a long tradition of chemical and medical research in Switzerland.

In total, there are 12 Universities in Switzerland; ten of them are managed by the cantons, while two federal institutes of technology, ETHZ in Zurich and EPFL in Lausanne, are under the authority of the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation.

In addition, there are seven regional associations of Universities for Applied Sciences which require vocational education and a special Berufsmatura, or a Fachmatura (a graduation by a Fachmittelschule) to study.

Switzerland has a high rate of foreign students in tertiary education including one of the highest in the world of doctoral level students.

Fully Funded Scholarships Without IELTS in Switzerland

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List of Universities in Switzerland Without IELTS

Below are the Universities that are known as the Most Prestigious Institutes to Study in Switzerland Without IELTS or Free with Scholarships.

about Scholarships in Switzerland:

Most of the International Students come and study in Switzerland without IELTS for Free. Most of the Universities Offers Engineering, Business Management, Arts & Design, Science & Technology, Computer & IT and Animation Programs for Masters, and PhD Degrees.

Many International Students Visit Switzerland during their Study Programs.

In this article we show you many Scholarships and Internship Opportunities which are Free of Cost.

Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship:

The Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship for the Academic Year 2022-2023. Around 500 Masters and PhD Degree Scholarships Funded by the Government of Switzerland.

The official announcement of this scholarship.

UNIL Scholarship in Switzerland 2022:

The University of Lausanne in Switzerland offers the UNIL Master’s Grants on a competitive basis to international students who wish to pursue a Masters Degree at the University.

The official announcement of this scholarship.

CERN Internship Program in Switzerland:

120 CERN Internship Program in Switzerland 2021-2022. Switzerland is home for International Students to do their Internships in swiss. The Undergraduates, Bachelors’s, Masters’s, Graduate Students from CERN Member or Associate Member State are eligible.

Switzerland Internships for International students, Once in a Life Time opportunity to Spend Summer in Switzerland. IELTS OR TOEFL is NOT Required. There are Many Internship Fields are Available.

The official announcement of this Internship.

CERN Doctoral Student Program 2022:

The Doctoral or PhD Degree Students Students from CERN Member or Associate Member State are eligible to apply for this Internship Program.

CERN typically selects around 40-50 doctoral students at each selection committee.

The official announcement of this Internship.

Fully Funded Scholarships Without IELTS in Switzerland

many Swiss universities in the world’s top 100 ranked universities. It’s an amazing choice for you as an international student. Swiss universities invest heavily in excellence, research and science, offering at the same time a broad spectrum of academic degrees. Switzerland is a federal republic of 26 cantons and each canton is responsible for its educational matters and regulations.

The strong ties Switzerland has with education and science are reflected on the country’s history with the Nobel Prize. More than 100 scientists, winners of the prize in all fields, are from Switzerland.

In addition, don’t forget that living in Switzerland will expose you to a linguistically rich environment and give you the opportunity to practice (or even learn from scratch) one of the official languages: French, Italian or German.

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