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Student’s guide to study in Albania

Student's guide to study in Albania

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Albania is emerging as a preferred destination to study abroad, the country offers quality education and is making efforts to increase the international student community in the country as it is safe, provides affordable education, and has low cost of living.

There are several reasons for choosing Albania as a study abroad location. Students from all over the world come here to experience the rich culture and diverse needs of the economy. Some stay in Albania after completing their studies and work.

Albania offers highly competitive scholarships which are open to international students for both postgraduate and undergraduate programs, some programs are taught in English and therefore there is no need to be proficient in Albanian language, you can study in English.

Albania offers high quality education. The degrees obtained from the Albanian University are recognized all over the world. There are public and private universities that offer a wide range of study programs at all levels of higher education.

Student's guide to study in Albania

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How to study in Albania:

You can study in Albania by following some simple steps. The process is simple and easy. Here is the complete process to help you reach your study abroad destination:

  • Search all available educational options and select Albanian course and university.
  • Check if you qualify or not and also learn about the university requirements for that specific course.
  • Apply for admission to the university with the documents specified by the institution. If the higher education institution accepts your application, a letter of offer of admission will be issued.
  • After receiving the offer letter, apply for a student visa.
  • Get your study visa and travel to Albania for a semester.

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Best Courses to Study in Albania for International Students:

With a wide range of options for higher education institutions in Albania, students have plenty of courses to choose from to further their education. International students have the option of enrolling in undergraduate programs or continuing their studies with a master’s degree. Doctoral degrees are also available to international students with academic research intentions. The most popular courses in Albania are:

  • Business and management
  • Computer science and information technology
  • Social science
  • Hospitality courses
  • Economy
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Engineering

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Best Universities in Albania:

Albania has both private and public universities. You can experience the higher education system in Albania, some of the popular universities in Albania are:

  • Ipoca University
  • Polytechnic University of Tirana
  • New York University Tirana
  • European University of Tirana
  • Baidar University College
  • Canadian institute of technology
  • Eligibility to study in Albania

Before applying for admission to a university, check whether you qualify or not. But the common criteria are:

  • You must have at least a B average or a 3.00 grade point average (GPA) on a 4.00 scale.
  • English language proficiency is required.
  • Students need an average high school academic performance of 60% out of 100%.
  • Students who wish to enter higher education in Albania must pass the Matura exam. This is the high school graduation exam which is taken at the end of secondary education in Albania.
  • Students who pass the examination are given a “diploma/certificate of maturity” which proves that the student has completed his/her secondary education.

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Requirements to study in Albania:

To get admission in the Albanian University you need to apply online as a new student/as a transfer student. You need to complete and submit the Common Application Form along with other supporting documents, such as:

  • Duly fill out and sign the application form.
  • Application fee receipt
  • High school and high school diplomas
  • University certificates
  • Certified copy of passport or other identification document
  • English language test results such as TOEFL / IELTS.
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • CV in English
  • Four passport size photos

Student's guide to study in Albania

Studying cost in Albania:

Tuition fees in Albania vary according to the course of study, level of study and university. On average, a bachelor’s degree tuition can range from $180 to about $4,450 per year and a master’s degree can cost around $6,674 per year.

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Cheap Universities in Albania:

Albanian university studies are not very expensive for international students. If you still want to study for cheaper tuition fees, you can choose the following universities for your further postgraduate studies:

  • Fan Noli University
  • Nehemiah Gateway University
  • Eqrem Çabej University
  • Tirana Business University
  • Police University
  • Logos University College
  • Metropolitan University of Tirana
  • Our Lady of Good Counsel University
  • Bedër University College
  • Epoka University

Student visa to Albania:

To enter Albania, you must have a student visa. Visa requirements vary from country to country. You need to obtain an entry visa from Albanian diplomatic missions. Those who wish to stay in Albania for more than 90 days, must apply for a long-term visa, as you need:

  • A passport valid for 6 months and duly signed.
  • A fully filled out visa application form.
  • Bring two photos
  • Pay the visa application fee
  • Obtain a reference letter from college studies
  • Proof of a financial system for their stay, travel, reservation,
  • flight reservation
  • Health insurance to cover medical expenses in Albania
  • Produce a current bank statement and one copy
  • A letter of reference from your organization

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