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Student’s guide to study in Ireland

Student's guide to study in Ireland

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Ireland is a famous and preferred destination when it comes to studying abroad. In the old days, during the 6th century, Ireland got a title regarding education. Studying abroad in Ireland is a dream for Indian students who wish to pursue higher education or enter postgraduate or master’s degree programs.

Ireland was called “the land of saints and scholars”. Ireland was the heart of learning on the entire European continent. In 1592, Trinity College Dublin was granted its first university and charter status. At the end of the eighteenth century, during 1795, two universities were found in Ireland.

Ireland is an easy study abroad destination for international students from other countries. A large number of international students flock to Ireland abroad for postgraduate studies, for various education programs ranging from masters and postgraduate degrees to doctoral programs.

What makes Ireland one of the fastest developing economies on the planet over the past decade is its education system. The education system is really special in Europe. It was ranked among the top 20 in the IMD Global Competitiveness Yearbook in 2014.

It has close links with industries and is portrayed through creativity and resilience.. In this way, education plays an important role in developing Ireland’s economic wisdom.

Student's guide to study in Ireland

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Degrees in Ireland:

You’ll find courses to study in Ireland at all levels. Below is a brief description of the levels of education in Ireland:

  1. Bachelor’s degree:

International students who wish to study a bachelor’s degree in Ireland have a variety of options to choose from among various subjects. In general, a Bachelor’s course can be completed in 3 to 4 years in full-time modes.

You can choose between these two options, the Ordinary Bachelor’s Degree or the Bachelor’s Degree with Honors in Ireland. The program varies with coursework and intensity depending on the type of degree students choose.

  1. Masters:

Ireland is an attractive study abroad destination for masters in all fields of study due to its experience in higher education and deep appreciation and reputation for learning. If you are applying for any of the postgraduate courses in Ireland, you need to have a relevant Bachelor’s degree or diploma.

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  1. Ph.D:

Generally, a full-time PhD study in Ireland takes 3-4 years to complete. While you are undertaking your PhD in Ireland, you will be in supervision under the responsibility of at least one academic supervisor, the school or department, and the research institution.

You will have regular meetings and formal reviews with your Supervising Committee during your PhD programs in Ireland.

Requirements to study in Ireland:

For each course, an academic grade of at least 60% is required. For international students who score around 50% can gain admission to diploma and foundation programs in Ireland.

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Research institutes in Ireland:

When students consider studying abroad in Ireland, it clearly gives a lot of room for research. In fact, Ireland is a great place for research programs. Several universities in Ireland are ranked in the list of the best universities in the world.

Ireland is one of the countries with extensive research areas, and is included in the list of the top 1% of global research places. The Irish government invests in world-class research centers. 12% of the population depends on international students in Ireland, from 160 countries. Ireland has quite a few leading education and research centers.

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Universities in Ireland:

Trinity College, the oldest college in the country, is listed as one of the world’s leading universities as it is over 500 years old.

Universities and colleges in Ireland such as the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT Ireland) have a great responsibility to both local and international students.

Ireland is a great example with a worldwide reputation for its many postgraduate, masters and research programs. You will not be required to take the typical weekly assignments or summer or high school classes. Students will learn through comprehensive lectures, tutorials and courses.

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Student's guide to study in Ireland

Best Universities in Ireland for International Students:

8 universities in Ireland are listed among the best universities in the world. The college in Ireland for international students has a good reputation globally. Here are the best universities in Ireland:

  • Trinity College Dublin
  • University of Dublin
  • National University of Ireland, Galway
  • University College Cork
  • University of Limerick
  • Maynooth University
  • Dublin University of Technology

There are a few Northern Ireland universities that are also popular. Universities such as Queen’s University Belfast, St Mary’s University College, University of Ulster, Stranmills University College.

The most important reasons to study in Ireland:

Studying at high school and postgraduate in Ireland has a good reputation, appreciation and great respect for learning. Ireland ranks first in Europe to convert 1,000 residents to postgraduate degrees. Two thirds of Ireland’s population go on to higher education, after basic graduation. About 85% of the population complete secondary education.

Research work in Ireland:

Undergraduates interested in research work, this is an exceptional place because it is a global center for amazing work of research and literature.

Ireland has an amazing infrastructure, the majority of its colleges are equipped with the best amenities and study assets, and this has basically added to the developing Irish economy.

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Best Courses to Study in Ireland for International Students:

The education system in universities is as excellent as any European country. Here are some of the courses that Ireland is famous for and if you are interested in the field and want to study further, Ireland is the right place:

  • Psychology courses
  • computer science
  • Software Engineering
  • Physiotherapy courses
  • Business Management
  • Journalism and mass communication
  • nurses courses

Study English in Ireland:

English is the main language of instruction for all types of courses in Ireland. Ireland is more than just an English speaking country. Student life in Ireland is both qualitative and quantitative in terms of high quality education, a happy environment, in a friendly and hospitable population.

Although Ireland is home to 4.6 million British islands, with Irish as the mother tongue, English is the main language of education and living.

The cost of studying in Ireland:

Spending on tuition fees depends on the type of qualification and institution you choose in Ireland. To cover your tuition fees, an international student will need between 10,000 and 25,000 euros per year.

Student life in Ireland:

Ireland offers students a comfortable life without hassles. Deeply rooted in tradition, culture, history and tangible environment, and surrounded by nature, students find living in Ireland welcoming. It is not only a beautiful island, but also a safe place for higher study.

Students can learn the culture and practices of the people. Although Ireland is an English-speaking country, there is a big difference between England and Ireland. Studying in Ireland enriches your cultural experience. The Irish government also offers a lot of facilities to students. Students can keep in touch with fellow students and the Irish people in a variety of ways.

Working after studying in Ireland:

Some students may plan to settle after graduation or after graduation in Ireland. Work after graduation in Ireland is possible for students. You must enroll in the Irish Third Level Graduate Program to search for work in Ireland. Once approved, graduates can work full time in Ireland, 40 hours per week.

International students pursuing a master’s program can stay for up to two years in Ireland after their program of study and are looking for an extension in their study or work program.

Student visa to Ireland:

The type of visa for Ireland depends on factors such as your age and the type of program you wish to study in Ireland. You can start the procedures for obtaining a student visa 3 months before the date of your travel to Ireland.

You can complete the full procedure online simply by filling out an application form on the website of the Irish Citizenship and Immigration Service.

Note: You will need a letter of acceptance from the University of Ireland as well as a payment letter receipt before you can begin the application process for a student visa to study in Ireland.

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