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Student’s guide to study in Latvia

Student's guide to study in Latvia

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Latvia is a country located in the Baltic region in the northern region. It borders Estonia, Lithuania, Russia and Belarus. It also shares a maritime border with Sweden. It is a member of the World Trade Organization and, since 2000, is one of the fastest growing economies in Europe.

The three largest cities in Latvia are Riga, Ventspils and Liepaja. Latvia places its long-term goals on science and technology, to make its economy more knowledge-based rather than a labor-consuming economy.

Riga is known for its mixture of new and old architectural brilliance, and Vecriga (the historic center of the city) has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Almost a third of the population lives in Riga, and so do most of the international students coming to Latvia.

Daugavpils is the second largest city in Latvia, which can be called the cultural center of the country. A number of music and cultural festivals are held here, and Riga Technical University has an affiliated center in Daugavplis. Liepaja is the third largest city located on the West Coast and overlooking the Baltic Sea. The city is the home of summer festivals and quality education.

A number of cities in Latvia are called University Towns, which means that when you graduate, you will find many international students like you enjoying the leisure activities that the city has to offer. There are many activities that students can participate in.

Visit theatres, concerts, operas, museums and galleries. In winter, there are many winter sports like snowboarding and skiing, which can be the first time for many. The country has many international parks and reserves and is naturally rich. For those who love adventures and tracking, Latvia has endless opportunities. Like any country, there are a number of festivals and events to participate in.

Student's guide to study in Latvia

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Benefits of studying in Latvia:

One of the advantages of studying in Latvia is the affordable tuition fees. The cost of studying in Latvia is one of the most affordable study abroad destinations in Europe for international students.

The cost of living is also among the lowest on the continent. There are 36 public institutions of higher education in Latvia. Universities in Latvia also offer training programs for consistently valuable international experience. There is a large influx of international students expected to Latvia, which makes the country a suitable place for you.

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Universities in Latvia:

Universities in Latvia are some of the best in the world, not just in Europe. Universities like the University of Latvia (ranked 800-1000 in the world), Riga Technical Universities and Riga Stradins University are ranked among the best in the world by various ranking entities in the world.

Higher education institutions have a large number of courses in English, most international students coming to Latvia prefer it, there are also colleges in Latvia that do not require IELTS certificate. Latvian universities are also known for their research and innovations and they urge their students to do the same, and the quality of education in Latvia is on par with its European counterparts. Among the most important universities in Latvia:

  • Riga Technical University
  • Riga Stradins University
  • University of Latvia
  • University of Liepaja
  • Turiba University

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Student accommodation in Latvia:

Student accommodation in Latvia is provided by university dormitories and hostels. Almost all the required facilities are available in these dorms and hostels. Students are advised to stay in these accommodations provided by the institutions themselves, as off-campus real estate in Latvia can be a bit expensive, and difficult to negotiate. However, the cost of living is again quite affordable compared to other European countries and English speaking destinations for international students.

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MA in Latvia for International Students:

Latvian universities offer both academic and vocational courses. Courses, as mentioned, are offered in both local languages ​​and English. Academic programs for Master’s degree take 2 years (4 semesters), and in total, the total length of Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees must be 5 years.

Professional courses for a master’s degree can be one or two years in length. More than 200 programs in Latvia are taught in English.

Study and work in Latvia:

There is no specific work permit required for international students who have a student visa in Latvia. Students are allowed to work part-time jobs, which are limited to 20 hours per week for international students.

Students can earn while learning in local jobs. Part-time jobs can help them pay tuition fees for daily expenses, which are already quite affordable in Latvia..

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Student's guide to study in Latvia

Work after studying in Latvia:

There is a provision allowing international students to stay in Latvia once they have completed their program at a higher education institute. International students can stay and work in Latvia for up to six months after their studies in Latvia.

They can search for an internship for permanent jobs in the country to extend your stay if you wish.

Study in Latvia Scholarships:

Scholarships to study abroad are a great way to fund international student expenses. There are some countries that have reciprocal agreements with Latvia, which take advantage of scientific scholarships to study in Latvia.

There are government scholarships, university scholarships, and scholarships from private entities as well. Scholarships can either be in the form of a tuition waiver, or financial aid.

Study visa to Latvia:

Non-EU students are required to obtain a visa to study in Latvia. Since most courses in Latvia will be longer than 90 days, students must apply for a residence permit in Latvia.

The universities where you have been accepted will help you with the application process for a student visa in Latvia, and will help you if you are stuck somewhere. Visa processing takes some time, so it is important to apply in time, this way you can avoid last minute hassles.

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