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Student’s Guide to Study Psychology

Student's Guide to Study Psychology

Tarek Floyd

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Psychological counseling is a branch of applied psychology, which is a professional relationship between two parties, one of whom is a specialist, the psychological counselor, who seeks to help the other party, who is the problem owner in the counseling position.

Also, psychological counseling does not mean providing ready-made services to the problem owner, but it aims to enlighten the problem owner with his problem, re-evaluate his abilities and capabilities and encourage him to take the appropriate decision.

It refers to the assistance that is provided to individuals to choose what is appropriate on a sound basis, achieving compatibility in different areas of life, based on the conviction that the ability to choose lifestyles is not inherited, but like all other human capabilities that need development.

The need for psychological counseling has become more and more recently, as it was concerned with helping individuals to get along, and then it grew and its goal became to help the individual grow to the fullest extent achieved by his potential and capabilities, so that he can perform his role effectively, and the difference between psychology and psychological counseling is Psychological counseling is one of the branches of psychology that is concerned with the applied aspect, and helps individuals to address their problems, prevent some expected problems, or develop basic skills such as effective communication skills.

Some considered psychological counseling to be a cornerstone of teacher preparation programs, and some said that it is a basic need for each individual, as the individual goes through critical periods during his developmental stages in which he needs psychological counseling.

Student's Guide to Study Psychology

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Areas of psychological counseling:

1- Vocational guidance: It is obtaining advice and guidance in the areas related to and related to the profession of the individual.

2- Educational guidance: through which advice and services are provided to students to help them make decisions related to the field of education.

3- Group individual counseling: It is concerned with behaviors, emotions, and the accompanying psychological pain that may afflict a person when trying to integrate into society.

4- Developmental counseling: One of the most important fields of counseling is concerned with human development through the different stages of life.

5- Organizational guidance: concerned with administrative organization in all fields.

6- Health counseling: It is based on guiding and educating individuals to prevent diseases in the first place and how to treat them.

7- Behavioral counseling: It is based on correcting unhealthy or undesirable behaviors of the individual resulting from previous experiences.

8- Marriage counseling: through which communication and problem solving between spouses are improved.

The definition of psychological counseling according to the American Association:

It is services according to principles agreed upon by psychologists specializing in counseling psychology in order to study human behavior during the different stages of development, and they seek to help the counselor to confirm the positive aspect of his personality, and work to help him to be more adaptable to himself and his environment.

The psychologist trains the counselor on problem-solving methods, gaining the ability to make decisions, and provides guidance to all individuals of all ages in many areas such as the family, school, and work fields.

Psychological Counseling Objectives:

  • Self realization:

Parental upbringing has a significant impact on the individual’s view of himself and the formation of a positive or negative image. There are several factors that affect the individual since his childhood, and his image of himself is formed through these factors. He is exposed to success or failure, and during self-realization, the guide works to help the individual to understand himself according to his abilities and capabilities, to a degree that the individual reaches with self-satisfaction, understanding, acceptance and awareness of himself until the individual reaches the sufficiency and effectiveness.

  • Achieving mental health Mental health:

It is the basic requirement in psychological counseling, which is the individual’s ability to work efficiently, which leads to a feeling of happiness and psychological stability. Through love, work, and friendship, the achievement of mental health is linked to the individual’s ability to solve problems and satisfy the demands of growth.

Student's Guide to Study Psychology

This is the QS world university rankings  for 2020:

    1. Harvard University
    2. Stanford University
    3. University of Cambridge
    4. University of Oxford
    5. University of California, Berkeley (UCB)
    6. University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
    7. UCL
    8. Yale University
    9. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
    10. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Available fields of work:

  • Psychological counseling specialization may not provide various fields of work, but it provides an opportunity to work as a psychological counselor in different places such as:
  • Work as a psychological and educational counselor in schools: The work of the psychological counselor in schools is based on providing assistance and advice to students who have problems in their studies, whether in memorizing or understanding study materials or helping to choose the appropriate academic specialization, and his role is not limited to assisting students in school where he can It helps them strengthen their psychological weaknesses.
  • Work in correctional and rehabilitation centers: where the psychological counselor in the correctional and rehabilitation centers provides psychological and moral support to delinquent juveniles who have committed acts violating the law and have been sentenced to place them in correctional centers by socially rehabilitating them and trying to correct their delinquency.
  • Work in social institutions that deal with orphans or the disabled: The role of the psychological counselor in these institutions is to help orphans or the disabled in supporting them to facilitate their integration and communication with society and how to overcome the disabilities they suffer or adapt to them so that they can practice their life activities normally despite the presence of disability.
  • Work in organizations concerned with mental health: where the psychological counselor provides support to students in its educational institutions by contracting with organizations such as UNESCO and working in its educational bodies.
  • Psychological counseling is of great importance, as it is the way to help a person adapt to the surrounding society and thus achieve happiness in a better way, and it has a great role in helping a person achieve self-independence, and helps him achieve positive changes in his behavior.

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