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Study MBA in Spain

Study MBA in Spain

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Wouldn’t it sound great if you were planning to pursue an MBA in Spain? Think of the country, the culture, and the welcoming nature of the people. The way you live and speak will give you the feeling that you have always been there.

Living in one of the richest and most culturally and historically diverse countries is a wonderful experience as well as experiencing the Spanish way of life, which is somewhat different from European life in general.

Spain’s European neighbors may outperform them in world university rankings, but when you focus solely on studying business, they outperform them all.

Which country has more business schools in the top ten in Europe than any other country, according to the Financial Times? Spain. Which country has the best online MBA program? Spain. Which country has two of the top 20 business schools in the world, according to Forbes magazine? Spain. Which country has the 3rd, 6th, and 8th best full-time MBA programs according to Business Week? Spain too.

Furthermore, the tuition fees for universities in Spain are very low. Before you plan to study an MBA course in Spain, you should think about a few things like how to apply to universities and all the other things needed to study in Spain.

Study MBA in Spain

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Apply for an MBA in Spain:

In the first stage, for students from outside the European Union, the process of applying to any of the Spanish universities includes several steps, the first of which is the equivalency of the secondary certificate (this is for undergraduate students), and this is done by submitting the secondary certificate owned by the student to any of the Spanish embassies or consulates to obtain On her Volante Accreditation.

The second stage you should concern yourself with is the search for good MBA universities in Spain. The country will provide a wide range of opportunities to study but before you choose any university, it is your duty to have all the information about the university. After that, you should get the application form from the university. You can obtain the application form in two ways either by mail or downloading it from the university website. Both master’s applications for universities are allocated by the respective universities. You need to get the details directly from the source.

In the last stage, you will upload all the required translated documents and fill out the application you obtained in one of the following two ways:

1.Application by mail:

You can request the application form from the universities’ websites. Most universities display the form on their website and these application materials can be ordered entirely online

2.Download mail from the website:

Many universities also display an application form on their website which can be downloaded and is in a print ready version. You can use a regular form to apply. The universities will charge you the application fee at the time of application. Therefore, the candidate must be prepared to pay, especially during the first operation. Another thing that applicants should keep in mind is that they should only apply if they are really sure of pursuing their studies. Applying to all universities will only be a waste of money. Select a few universities and only apply for them.

The best universities to study business administration in Spain:

  • EADA Business School:

Unlike its premium certificate programs, EADA offers postgraduate courses in a range of subjects for working professionals to obtain the skills they need to advance their careers. It is also in partnership with the ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants), which accredits graduates of the International Masters in Accounting and Finance as certified accountants.

EADA Business School official website

  • Business Administration at Carlos III University of Madrid

 The Department of Business Administration at the Universidad Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M) was founded in 1990 and has been providing excellent education and research ever since. Although it is a relatively new department, the department can certainly compete with its more experienced peers around the world.

The official website of the Carlos III University of Madrid 

  • IE College of Business:

The best online MBA program in the world, according to the Financial Times, which has also ranked it among the fifteen best business schools in the world for at least the past three years. Its programs comprise of six MBA and Executive MBA plans, and feature a comprehensive and modern campus located in the financial center of Madrid.

IE Business School official website

  • IESE Business School:

Founded in 1958, it has two first-class campuses in Spain (one in the capital Madrid and the other in Barcelona, ​​one of the best tourist cities in the world). With an emphasis on the importance of the ethical dimension of business, the Executive MBA program began in 1982 and in the past 50 years has achieved significant international reputation.

IESE Business School official website 

Study MBA in Spain

  • ESADE Business School:

It was also founded in 1958 and has been part of Ramón Llull University since 1995 and offers three study plans: MBAs, Executive Education programs, and undergraduate management degrees. A member of the global CEMS network, the university is also developing MBA studies on the Barcelona campus, where you can choose from three different options, depending on how long you want your study plan.

ESADE Business School official website

Documents Requirements:

The mentioned points will help you in the process of applying for an MBA degree in Spain. If you are planning to apply, start your search and Spanish lessons now.

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