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Tips about Recommendation letter

Tips about Recommendation letter

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What is a recommendation letter?

A letter of recommendation is a formal letter written by a former employer, client, teacher, academic supervisor, or other person who can provide a recommendation about someone’s performance, whether at work or during an academic career.

The purpose of recommendation letter:

A letter of recommendation is primarily intended to attest to both the skills, achievements, and behavior of the person for whom it is written.

It is often sent to a recruiter in a company or organization,
Or the registration officer at an academic institution, where it works to facilitate the applicant’s access to a job or grant an opportunity to interview and give a general idea of this candidate.

Tips about Recommendation letter

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Who writes a letter of recommendation?

Recommendation letters are usually requested on an individual basis and are written directly to the employer, recruiting officer, or admissions committee of a university or academic institution.

who is writing this letter?

Choosing the right person to write a letter of recommendation for you can be a bit tricky.

It’s not about making a list of your former bosses, teachers, or colleagues and then picking out people who might have the time to write you a letter of recommendation.

You have to keep in mind that the letter writer is a serious person who is able to write the letter carefully. A hastily written recommendation letter would be much worse than not providing one at all.

Not only that, the letter writer should be someone who is able to speak directly about your competence and the quality of your work. In other words, he should be very familiar with you. Your manager whom you worked under 10 years ago is not a good option, and your co-worker who can’t spell your name correctly isn’t a good choice either.

Simply, when choosing the person to write your letter of recommendation, make sure that:

  • be aware of your work (whether on the job or while studying),
    and to have a positive impression of it.
  • He has enough time to write the letter in a way that impresses his reader.
  • Be an authority (manager or official in the company, a teacher or supervisor at the university…etc) or have a reputation of interest to the employer or the reader of the letter.

What is the difference between a letter of recommendation and a letter of reference?

Unlike personal letters such as a motivation letter, or a cover letter,
The letter of recommendation is usually written by experienced persons such as heads of work, schools, professors and others.

Although both the recommendation letter and the reference letter are close to each other, there are slight differences between them.

Whereas, the recommendation letter is more specific and addressed to one particular person, and to a specific position.

Whereas, the reference letter is more general and can be sent to more than one person in more than one position.

It is true that you are not the one who will write your letter of recommendation, but this does not mean that you will remain idle, but rather that you have to do some simple things to ensure that you get a distinguished letter of recommendation.

Some of the tips that you should follow for that:

1- Make a list of your most important characteristics and achievements that you would like to be mentioned in the letter of recommendation.

Of course, don’t take it directly to the person assigned to write the letter and give it to him in the form of an order. However, you can send it as supporting information to help him write the letter.

The initial e-mail is a suitable opportunity to attach this information, as you can formulate the e-mail as follows:

I know that the employer is interested in the following skills [specific skills and experiences that the employer is interested in],
So if you have a good impression of my performance in the following areas [list the skills and experience you would like to be mentioned], you can mention that in the letter.”

2- Check your correspondence with the person assigned to write the letter, and ask one of your acquaintances to read your messages before sending them, to ensure the integrity of the language.

You should also make sure of the names of the people, organizations or companies you are applying to, as any simple misspelling could cost you the opportunity of a lifetime.

Tips about Recommendation letter

3- Although it is important not to take too much of the letter writer’s time, in case you find an error in the letter of recommendation,
Like important dates, don’t hesitate to tell him so he can fix it.

4- Do not forget to thank the author of the letter, first for agreeing to write the letter, and secondly after completing it.

The initial thanks will make the letter writer feel satisfied and encourage him to write the letter more carefully.

As for expressing thanks after writing the letter, you will have the opportunity to resort to this person in the future in case you need another letter.

In conclusion, it must be remembered that the letter of recommendation is a powerful supportive tool for any application, whether it is functional or academic.
So be sure to give him enough time, and choose the person who will write it carefully so that you can get a special message that takes you to the next stage in the journey of getting your chance.

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