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What is the SAT Test ?

What is the SAT Test

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SAT Exam:

The SAT or Scholastic Assessment Test is one of two major standardized exams in the USA (the other exam is ACT) that are organized by The College Board, an American non-profit academic body responsible for many other academic activities in the United States. The SAT was formerly known as the Scholastic Aptitude Test, then the name was later changed to the SAT Test. The test measures written, oral, and mathematical skills.

Students have before they enroll in any of the American universities or colleges, and others in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and most recently since 2018, in some Indian academic institutions.

What is the SAT Test

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The concept of the SAT exam

It is an exam that American students give while they are in high school, to be accepted into the American College, and this test is also very widespread in the countries of the Arab world, especially in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan, but it is limited only to private schools,

The Educational Testing Service Committee supervising the test worked to develop it, and the reason behind the application of this test in schools is the urgent demands of the College Council to implement it; This is because it makes the student ready to enter the college, and the first test was given in 1901 AD, although the name and registration had been modified four times.

Exam takers:

It is usually applied by students who have successfully completed high school and wish to attend mainly American universities or some other universities and academic institutions in Canada, Australia, UK and India.

Test language:

The SAT test is offered in English only as a primary language. The student who takes this test is expected to have good English language skills. The questions generally focus on comprehension, critical thinking, and reasoning, in addition to language skills, writing and analysis.

Registration Terms:

There is no formal prerequisite. Everyone can apply for the SAT exam, as there are no restrictions imposed on students wishing to obtain a certificate for this test. Students who have completed their secondary education usually apply for it, but fluency in the English language is assumed.

You need to know that there are two types of SAT exam:

The first type is the General Test for students who are looking to join a full academic path (specialization) such as undergraduate or postgraduate levels.
The second type is the SAT Subject Test, which is more focused and covers only one of these disciplines:


Students who wish to study a specific course or course in any of these areas and not a full academic specialization are subject to this second type of exam.

SAT Test Sections:

As for the test sections: here is the talk about the general SAT test. It consists of four main sections plus an optional essay question:

The first section is Reading, it is 65 minutes long and includes 52 questions.
Then the writing and language section, with a duration of 35 minutes to answer 44 questions.
Then the third section, which is the mathematics section without a calculator, with a duration of 25 minutes to answer 20 questions.
The fourth section is also Mathematics, during which the use of a calculator is allowed. It takes 55 minutes to answer 38 questions.
And if you decide to answer the question of the article, it will be the last section, with a duration of 55 minutes to write one article.

The SAT Subject Test does not differ in many details from the general test, but rather in the content of the questions.

What is the SAT Test

Exam mark:

In the end, you get an overall result between 400 to 1600 points, as the exam is divided into two sections, the reading, writing, language and sports section, and the result of each section between 200 to 800 marks.

There is no pass or fail in the exam system, but only the result according to this system. The majority of ordinary-level universities in the United States require a SAT score of 1050 and above as a condition for student admission, and some high-ranking universities may require international students with a SAT score of up to 1500.

Test duration:

The total duration of the exam is three hours and fifty minutes, including the duration of the article, and only three hours without the article, which includes 154 questions, the largest part of which is multiple choice. You are given a rest period of about ten minutes between each section of the test.

How to prepare:

As we said at the beginning, the SAT test is intended for people who intend to enroll in academic institutions, and it measures the cognitive and skill abilities of students and if they have been well prepared in previous academic levels and if they are qualified enough to enroll in university studies. Thus, the test questions are designed based on the information of all academic levels prior to the undergraduate level, and not one stage or one specialization.

In order to prepare well for this test, it is important to know and understand its details well in terms of the type of questions, the form of answers to them, their number, how the grades are distributed, and the time allotted for each type of question. What you will find on the question paper and the correct way to answer each of them, here are some resources that can help you:

Official SAT Study Guide 2020 Edition:

In the official guide you can review every skill and question type required to pass the SAT exam with eight comprehensive practice tests. click here

SAT Prep Black Book:

The SAT Black Book gives you step-by-step, methodical, and easy-to-follow guidance for each question on 4 of the College Board’s official SAT practice tests. click here

How to register for the SAT exam:

Registration for the exam can be done in several ways, you can register through the official website for the exam with The College Board, or you can read the registration instructions electronically on the official website.

Or you can register through the approved centers for the SAT test that are spread in many regions of the world and are officially authorized for this matter, as centers are available in most Arab countries.

Registration period:

The exam takes place regularly several times a year, and is given in the United States in October, November, December, January, May and June. In the rest of the world, SAT exams are given on the same dates as in the United States, except for the months of January, when no exams are offered.

All year round exam dates are pre-set, you can find them from this link on the official website of the testing organization. Candidates registered for the exam can take the exam on three exams on any specified exam date except for the date of the first spring exam, when the exam is offered, candidates who Those wishing to take the test must register three weeks before the test date.

Test cost:

The cost of the SAT exam is $49.50 without the essay question, but if you choose to answer the essay question, the cost will rise to $64.50. Outside the United States, it is $100.

Test Validity:

According to The College Board, which is the organizer of the exam, the validity of the SAT certificate is unlimited and can be used permanently.

But usually, most universities do not accept old certificates for this test. If you have taken the SAT test for five years or more, the university will not accept the certificate, and most likely it will ask you for one more recent than this period.

Certificates and exams vary globally in all fields and disciplines, as a result of development and progress in the world, therefore, be within this movement of development, study your goals, chart your way, and go towards the future with the best of your ability!

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