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WMI Funding Scholarship (Finance your studies wherever you are)

WMI Funding Scholarship (Finance your studies wherever you are)

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In 2005, the Wells Mountain Initiative was founded with the idea that young people in the developing world could be helped through the compromise of education, opportunity, and justice. The first efforts were aimed at scholarships. From the start, the focus has been on community service and encouraging scholars to volunteer.

With a study abroad program, our now CEO, Jordyn Wells, was fortunate to befriend Victoria Galle, his high school classmate in Ghana. Victoria was one of the most motivated students in her village and went out of her way to help others.

As young women, Victoria and Gordon talked about how to make the world a better place so that more girls can become leaders, so there will be enough resources for everyone. In college, Jordyn returned to Ghana.

She soon discovered that Victoria did not have the same opportunities that she had to pursue these goals. Victoria could not continue to university because her family did not have the funds to pay tuition fees.

WMI not only funds scholarships, but also seeks to build the next generation of change-makers in the poorest and most under-resourced regions, with a special focus on women and girls.

Through the three main program areas – education, global teamwork and community development grants – to foster a small but powerful and growing global community of engaged leaders and social entrepreneurs addressing issues such as gender inequality, access to education, health inequalities, health care in general, agriculture, climate change , Civil society.

The Wells Mountain Initiative (WMI) promotes social change at the local level by building a global network of grassroots leaders who catalyze societal transformation across 47 developing countries.

Wells Mountain supports young people who have proven unstoppable in the face of adversity and are deeply committed to leading change in their community. Their undergraduate studies are funded in sectors with high needs, help them lead social service projects during their academic life and stand by them to face any challenges, until they successfully complete their studies.

Upon graduation, Wells Mountain offers lifelong support, which includes professional development and social entrepreneurship training, community development grants to start and grow their own community enterprise and business, and regular in-person conferences and webinars and in-state researcher support-led fellowships.

Wells Mountain fosters a global community of grassroots leaders and social entrepreneurs who address issues such as gender inequality, access to education, health inequalities and climate change through a locally-rooted and community-based approach, leading to more equitable and sustainable solutions.

WMI Funding Scholarship (Finance your studies wherever you are)

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Nationalities eligible to apply:

This Scholarship is available for international students from all over the world.

WMI Funding Scholarship:

Wells Mountain Initiative (WMI) is a public charity based in Bristol, Vermont, USA, which is approved under the United States. WMI works to create social change through education and community building through.

Provide smart youth in the developing world with student scholarships and skills training, and build a network of grassroots leaders. Each year, WMI supports students as they pursue different educational goals. Post-secondary school support is provided.

The Foundation supports students from developing countries to complete a bachelor’s or diploma level at universities in their own countries or any universities in a developing country. Scholarship opportunity for students in developing countries.


Eligibility Criteria and Qualifications:

To be eligible for WMI Funding Scholarship:

  • The candidate is from a developing country.
  • Successful completion of secondary education, with good to excellent grades.
  • You are 35 years of age or younger on March 1, 2022.
  • He will study in his own country or another country in the developing world.
  • Seeking a bachelor’s degree or first diploma.
  • He will be enrolled in a program of study that will benefit the community and/or contribute to the continued growth and progress of his country of origin.
  • Plans to live and work in his or her country after graduation.
  • Demonstrate his commitment to giving back and volunteering before applying.
  • He may have some other money available for his or her education, but will not be able to go to pursue his university studies without financial assistance.

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Benefits of WMI Funding Scholarship:

The scholarship amount is approximately $3,000 that can be used to cover the expenses of:

  • Education fees and charges.
  • Books and materials.
  • Room rent and meals.

Tips for submitting a competitive application:

Here are suggestions for improving your application:

  • Record all your volunteer and social activities (dates, activities, time spent, photos, etc.).
  • Prepare your high school diploma, transcripts, points, and evaluation system.
  • Request two letters of recommendation from two people who know you professionally/personally and can offer reasons why you are worthy of this scholarship.
  • Translate all your documents into English.

Available Programs in WMI Funding Scholarship:

All programs and majors are available.

WMI Funding Scholarship (Finance your studies wherever you are)

Documents Requirements:

Important dates and deadline:

Applications of WMI Funding Scholarship close on 1 March 2022.

Official Announcement of WMI Funding Scholarship 

Apply now on WMI Funding Scholarship

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